Tuusmotorista löydät uudet ja käytetyt Beta Endurot. Koko mallisto rekisteröitävissä tieliikennekäyttöön.

Beta on italialainen Offroad-pyöriin keskittynyt moottoripyörävalmistaja. Yli satavuotisen historian omaava yritys on valmistanut kaksipyöräisiä jo 1940-luuvulta lähtien. Beta-mallisto koostuu pääosin Enduro- ja trialpyöristä ja mopoista. Kaikki Betan kilpaendurot täyttävät myös tiukkenevat Euro4-päästönormit ja ovat siten rekisteröitävissä tieliikenteeseen.


RR 125 2T

Betalta tieliikenteeseen rekisteröity 125-kuutioinen 2-tahtikilpaenduro.

Hinta 8.490€ + tk 400€

+Autovero rekisteröitäessä 844,50€


Completely new!
Beta is launching the RR MY 2020 on to the market, but this is no simple redesign of the previous model. This bike represents a new generation of Enduro motorcycle under the RR brand.
The 2020 range includes 8 different engine sizes: four 2-stroke (125/200/250/300 cc) and four 4-stroke (350/390/430/480 cc) engines that offer Beta customers an extremely wide selection of bikes with which to take on their next adventure.
Beta has completely reinterpreted the off-road experience, with a slim, lightweight bike that is safe, reliable, and easy to ride while creating a riding experience like no other manufacturer can provide.
The work of Beta’s design engineers, testers and the entire Research & Development team has been expanded and intensified. You only need to look at the enormous advances made by the engine team, which has introduced a completely new power unit to the 4-stroke range, and the chassis team, with a frame that boasts completely redesigned geometry and rigidity.
The design aspect deserves a special mention of its own, as the superstructure, tailpiece, seat and a myriad of other details are all brand-new.
All this to bring together the best aesthetics and ergonomics in order to make the new RR MY 2020 a motorcycle capable of providing the rider with an experience that he or she will feel passionate about.

Uusi Beta RR 125 4T LC

Hinta 6.198€ + toimituskulut 280€